Change the look of a jacket

Click picture for pattern

Add a collar.

Draft a new look.

Add a mandarin collar to a collarless jacket.

Add a mandarin collar and add a closure. Instructions include making your own frog.  Download below. 

Operation - Mandarin Collar

Operation includes collar change, closures, cuff and piping finish. use  Twice is Nice OR Three Times a Jacket  pattern 

Operation: change the look of a reversible jacket

Using Pre-cut Strips make this reversible jacket look totally different!

Strip reversible jacket

Watch how I put together the strips to make a jacket. Added a yoke to the back.  This is a FIT friendly award winning pattern! Look at the gallery below.  

Use a different kind of fabric

Use this pattern

Use this pattern. 

Make it from 1 pashmina scarf

Use 1 pashmina scarf and make it reversible!

Operation - scarf for fabric

Layout for 2 patterns using a scarf as the fabric and keep the boarders.   “The Long and the Short of It”   OR Off Sides vest patterns 

scarf vest LS (pdf)


Scarf vest off sides (pdf)


Changing a neckline

Use this pattern....


Flairboyant has a boat neck or collar. Fluted sleeve or straight. 

Change it to a scooped neck.

Flairboyant neck change.

Instructions and template below. 

Operation - change a neckline

Change the boat neck into a scooped neck.  Neck template for sizes are included.  Flairboyant pattern.

Embroidery fun

Use this pattern.


Add Embroidery


 Easy to do.  Just embroidery a facing and bring it to the right side of the blouse. Instructions below.

Operation - open neck with embroidery

Add an new neckline option to the Soft Delight pattern.  

Simply make a skirt

Make a skirt


Fun ideas and Fitting information 

Add a fancy bottom


Face it with another fabric. 

Design Inspiration

Where do I get my design inspiration? Watch and I will point out the details to look for when looking at a picture. 

Redesign a jacket pattern

See something in a picture.  Look at the details and transfer it to your pattern.  

Skirt pattern redesign

If you see a garment you like but you have no pattern.  Look at the details and adjust a similar pattern to make it your own.