Choosing pattern and fabric

Make the right fabric choice for you pattern.  The most important part of sewing a fabulous garment. 

Finishing seams

Check out this great video on seam finishing. 

Elastic waist skirt

Steps to adding an elastic waistband to a skirt.  

Sewing a darted skirt

Steps for sewing a darted skirt together. 

Sewing an invisible zipper

Steps for sewing in an invisible zipper in a skirt. 

Inserting a lapped zipper

The steps to stitching in a lapped zipper.  

Inserting a fly zipper

The basic steps on inserting a fly zipper. 


I explain all the different types of thread and what they can be used for. 

All About Variegated Threads

Learn the difference in variegated threads and what stitches look best. 

Make your own trim

Use those wonderful threads and use decorative stitches.  Make your own decorative trims!